Payment info

Payment information and fees in the store:

1- The store provides the payment service upon receipt.

2- The store is obligated to determine the price of the service or product that it offers in its store according to the recognized market value.

3- The store is obligated to give the user an invoice for his purchase of a service or product.

Amendments to the Terms of Use and Fees Agreement:

1- The store may notify you of any amendment to this agreement in accordance with the official means of communication under this agreement, according to which your obligations are doubled or your rights are diminished according to any amendments that may be made to this agreement.

2- In the event of an objection to any amendment to the usage agreement, please do not use the store’s services, as your mere access to your account or your use of the store is considered your acceptance of the amendments and complete and complete approval of ignorance, and the store accepts discussion in any proposal regarding these provisions.
3- All fees are calculated in Jordanian dinars, and the user must pay all fees due on the platform in addition to any other expenses added by the store, provided that payment is made by the approved, specified means available through the store.

4- The store may impose fees on some users, depending on the offers, products, or services they request, or what the state imposes in terms of fees or taxes on the nature of the product or service.

5- The store reserves the right to add, increase, reduce or deduct any fees or expenses under the articles, terms and conditions of the usage agreement, for any of the users, whatever the reason for their registration.